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Use of cookies by the site:

What are cookies

Cookies are text files containing minimum information sent to your browser and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device, each time you visit a website. At each link the cookie information refer to the reference site. Each cookie has an expiration date that, once reached, causes the automatic deletion of the cookie from the device.
Cookies can be permanent (persistent cookies) due to high expiry as hours, weeks or years, or temporary (session cookies) if are removed when you close your browser.

Cookies can also be first-party cookies if set by the visited site, or third-party cookies if entered by a different site than the one visited.

What kind of cookies are used by this site

We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website, allow the user to easily move between pages, remember their preferences and ensure an experience of excellent navigation as well as secure access to restricted areas.
The cookies used on our websites can be categorized as follows:

1. Needed cookies
These cookies are essential to enable the user to navigate through the site and use the requested services, such as access to protected areas. Necessary cookies are first part ones, and may be permanent or temporary. We use this type of cookie to manage the step of registration and access by the users. Without these cookies you could not access the required services and our website will not work correctly.

2. Performance cookies
The Performance cookies collect information about the use of a site by users, such as which pages are most frequently visited. These cookies do not store data identifying individual visitors, but only data aggregated and anonymous. These cookies can be permanent or temporary. For the collection of such data the site uses third party cookies provided by Google Inc. More specific references about cookies analytical Google Inc. can be viewed by clicking here: cliccando qui

3. Cookie feature
These cookies allow the site to remember the choices of visitors (such as user name, language or country Access) and provide more personalized functionalities.
The functionality cookies can also be used to provide services requested by the user, such as access to a video or insert a comment to a blog.
The information used by these cookies are gathered by special fill-in forms, within the site, which record the information only after consent by the user, with the regulations of privacy proposals. With the information contained within these cookies, you cannot track the users’ surfing on other websites.
We use these cookies to remember whether a particular service has already been provided to you and to improve the overall experience within the site remembering your preferences.
These cookies can be permanent or temporary and mainly of first parts.

4. Cookies of third parties
On some pages of our site there may be content services like YouTube or Facebook. We do not control cookies used by these services, so we encourage you to access the website of these third parties for relevant information.

5. Cookies advertising and profiling
The advertising cookies are used to manage the advertising on the site. The advertising cookies are placed by third parties, such as advertisers and their agents, and can be permanent or temporary. Within the pages of this site are present third-party announcements and services such as Google Adsense Google Inc. Those services use cookies to track and monitor your preferences and your tastes within this and other sites, creating a marketing profile that will be used for the purpose to display more inherent advertisements. For more information about the cookies used by Google AdSense and how to disable them, please visit this link: link.

How to manage and disable cookies

To restrict, block or delete cookies just adjusting the settings of your web browser.
The procedure is slightly different than the type of browser used. For detailed instructions, follow the guidance of your browser.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Please note that some sections of our website are only accessible by enabling cookies; disabling them is possible that the user no longer has access to certain content and cannot fully appreciate the features of this website.

Permanent disabling of cookies profiling

If you’re using Firefox 5 or higher
1. Open the Options menu and click on the Privacy tab
2. Check the box where it requests not to be tracked

If you use Internet Explorer 9 or Higher
1. Click on the following link: active Do Not Track
2. Open the settings of the Internet Explorer and go to the Advanced tab
3. Check the settings, for more information click here

If you use Safari 5.1 or higher
1. In Safari Preferences, click Privacy
2. Check the box next to the setting that says Ask websites to do not track me.

If you use Google Chrome
1. Open Chrome and go to Settings
2. Click on “Show advanced settings …” below.
3. Under Privacy, select the box next to “Send Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic.”


For more information about the cookies used by this website you can contact us directly at
By using the site without rejecting and / or disabling cookies and similar technologies online, users allow us to the use of these technologies on our part for the collection and processing of information described above.
For an extended view of the law expressed by the data protection commissioner clik here.