Information document according to the article .13 Legislative Decree n.196/2003 “Code on the security of personal data”

According to the article 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003, we supply you the following information:
1. The personal data provided by you or obtained during our activity will be treated following the principles of correctness, legality, clearness and safeguarding of your privacy and rights.
2. The treatment of these personal data will have as its purpose the execution of the contract obligations or of the ones coming from the task appointed by the party concerned.
3. The treatment can be done also with the support of electronic instruments through procedures suitable for granting the security and privacy of the data.
4. It is compulsory to provide one’s own data. Any possible refusal to provide us, completely or just in part, with your personal data or your consent to their treatment could be the cause of the non or partial performance of the contract, that is the non-performance of the task.
5. Only some chosen subjects, such as legal or fiscal advisors, banking houses and transport companies, will be provided with Your data, exclusively for the above mentioned purposes, in order to execute the above obligations. Other subjects could become acquainted with data as people in charge or delegates of the treatment. In no case personal data will be transmitted.
6. The owner of the treatment of the personal data is: Agriturismo Ca’ Brandano di Bruscoli Nadia, Cà Brandano,9/10/10A, 61020 Montecalvo in Foglia – Urbino  (PU), Italia.
The person in charge of the treatment of the personal data is:
Mrs. Nadia Bruscoli.
It is possible to know the updated list of the people in charge of the treatment, directly addressing the owner, the above mentioned person in charge.
7. You can address the owner or the person in charge of the treatment to assert Your rights, as it is provided by the article 7 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003, that, for Your convenience, we reproduce in full:
Art. 7 Right to access to personal data and other rights
1. The party concerned has the right to get the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal data concerning him/herself, also in case they were not yet recorded, and that their transmission is intelligible
2. The party concerned has the right to get information:
a) on the origin of the personal data
b) on the purposes and procedures of the treatment
c) on the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the support of electronic instruments
d) on the essential identity data of the owner, of the people in charge and of the delegate appointed according to the article 5, comma 2
e) on the subjects and categories of subjects who personal data can be transmitted to or who could become acquainted with them as appointed representative in the State territory, people in charge or delegates
3. The party concerned has the right to obtain:
a) the updating, the amendment, or, in case of interest, the integration of his/her data
b) the cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the blockage of the data treated in law infringement, including those for which preservation is not necessary in relation to the purposes they were collected for and afterwards treated;
c) the statement that those who have been supplied with the data have become acquainted with the operations as per a) and b) clauses, and with their content, except for the case when this execution is impossible or implies the use of means that are clearly out of proportion in comparison with the safeguarded right.
4. The party concerned has the right to oppose, completely or in part:
a) for reasons connected to the treatment of the personal data concerning him/her, though relevant to the purpose of the collection
b) to the treatment of personal data aiming at sending advertising material or direct sale or at the accomplishment of market or trade communication researches.