Sports & Fun

The Montefeltro is a place rich in history and nature and the best way to live is through regenerative open air  activities such as horse riding, trekking or cycling. Our territory is ideal for long horse riding surrounded by woods and wonderful cycling or walking paths. Particularly suggesting are the paths and the landscape toward the mounts Carpegna, Petrano, Nerone and the San Bartolo in Pesaro that offers a wonderful sight on the sea.

Landscape and emotions of many paths will be an unforgettable experience. For mountain bike lovers there are a lot of dirt trail paths to test your passion and ability. Reach the Appennini mountains is also a goal for many motorists who go through the Furlo Gola, Bocca Trabaria, Bocca Seriola or the San Bartolo mount to reach Romagna

Outdoors activities

The view of marvellous landscapes and the excitement of many paths, also used for stages of the Giro d’Italia, will be an unforgettable experience. For the more intrepid ones also plenty of cross-country paths. Mountain bike lovers may venture into the Monte delle Cesane, certainly a must for those who want to test their passion and ability.

A guide, that will lead you to the best paths of the area, also night routes during the summer period, will be at disposal upon request. The Appenines are also a pleasant goal for bikers. Many are the bikers crossing the area to reach the Furlo gorge, Bocca Trabaria and Bocca Serriola or headed towards Pesaro, on the San Bartolo mountain, up to Romagna.


The Marche territory is really fascinating and are not to be forgotten the natural parks not far from the farmhouse: the Cesane mounts, the natural statal reserve Gola del Furlo, the interregional park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, the natural reserve of Alpe della Luna, the Catria mount, The Petrano mount, the Nerone mount, the faunistic oasis La Badia  and the natural park of Monte San Bartolo. All these place are enchanting and of great naturalistic interest featured by a thick paths net that make excursions evocative and make possible to find a huge variety of plants and animals even of very rare species.


Through the year are really many the events in Urbino and surroundings: Bio Salus, Festa del Duca, Festa dell’Aquilone, Straducale and cantine aperte in Urbino’s. there are even a lot of motorcycles meetings, ends dedicated To truffles to chestnuts, to beer or historical re- enactments in near towns: Mondaino, Fermignano, Acqualagna, sant’ Angelo In Vado, Piobbico, Gradara, Pesaro.